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Why agile IT projects still fail

"It's meant to be an agile project why are we still making changes?" "Why didn't you capture those requirements earlier?" "It meets MVP why can't you release?" "Why are we only discovering these issues now? It needs to hit this deadline so no more changes!"

Does any of that sound familiar? It's something I've heard lots of times.

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Life beyond Scrum

Great Agile teams are prepared to change the rules... because they understand the behavioural changes, safeguards and phycology of being Agile... 'Bad' agile teams change the rules because they don't understand and are not prepared to take the leap of faith required to achieve greatness!

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Kanban essentials

Kanban is another agile term that gets thrown around a-lot.... usually by people who have no idea what it's really all about - but when did a lack of knowledge or understanding ever stop anybody throwing around buzz words?

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The Information Radiator

I love Agile!  I really do, it's brilliant!!! It really is and one of the things I love most are the words we use..... Scrum, Grooming the Backlog and ceremonies, I love a good ceremony... and as Scrum Master I like to think I'm the grand master of ceremonies... I might even buy the big red robe one day!! But one of the things I love more than any other... is the 'The Information Radiator'.

What a brilliant name! I wish I'd coined the phase.... but what is the Information Radiator?

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