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I know that "Ideal Agile" does not easily translate from the classroom to the real world! I spend the majority of my time working with real business's with real problems -  and not in a classroom!

I offer various training packages where required, help with agile transformations but I spend most of my time onsite working with people helping to deliver products.  


Agile is not about process or frameworks it's not something that can be 'installed' into an organisation or copied and pasted from one to another.

It's a total shift in the way we think, operate and go about doing business.

It is not an end point it's a continual journey of learning how to learn and continual evolution.  


"My vision is to be different from the larger consultancy and training firms - I won't sell you 'best practice', prescribe frameworks or dictate how your business should work! 

After a number of years working freelance I created ‘That's Intelligence’ as a specialist boutique training and consultancy agency. 

I aim to offer high quality custom bespoke training and consultancy based around helping your organisation achieve your goals.... Not mine”


- Christian Miles

there is a real buzz about them here at the office! Everyone who has attended has loved it! Lovely side conversations about the games ‘I’m not going to tip you off as it would spoil it but we had great fun learning’ – ‘did you fall in the trap I did? Ha ha’ I personally enjoyed hearing a couple of the BA’s buzzing about flow. Also get a sense you are breaking down some of our internal silos in the process as you challenge the teams to work together – fewer boundaries and handoffs, one team etc.



Training Courses

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Agile Awareness

1 Day course covering :- why be agile, flow, WIP, Introduction to Scrum


User Stories

1 Day course - Covers acceptance criteria, estimation techniques, story maps, prioritisation and plenty of practical examples.

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Agile Leadership

1 Day course - Covers intro to agile, economics and portfolio management.

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Product Owner

1 Day course, covering the role of the product owner

Introduction to Agile and Scrum, Story writing and prioritisation.

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1 Day course, Thought Kanban was just post-it notes and boards?

Think again! Learn again about Kanban as a systems thinking approach to understanding systems.


SAFe Courses

Leading SAFe

SAFe Product Owner/Manager

SAFe Scrum Master

SAFe Advanced Scrum Master


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