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Christian Miles
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Design Sprints

Got a wicked idea? A new product? Or just at the start of a project? What if you could validate the product without the costs of building first? That’s where the design sprint comes in…. Developed by Google Ventures, Design sprints are a highly structured 5 days process to design and test assumption and answer questions which otherwise could take months (and often years) to answer.

Design Sprints are ideal for solving many of the problems common to start-ups, SME’s and Enterprises alike! from high-risk business challenges to new product launches.

After running conventional 5 day design sprints for the last few years we’ve now started to move to 4 day design sprints.. A few changes to the agenda means that key decision makers and stakeholders are only required for the Monday and Tuesday mornings.. Not the first 3 days. They also now free up the Friday to be used to consolidate learnings and plan what happens next!

Thats Intelligence - Design Sprint