Lego Scrum is a great way for teams to learn and understand Scrum... By doing Scrum!

I tend to run the game for 3 - 4 sprints as follows....

  • With the Product Owner we present the Vision Statement

  • Talk through the product backlog (See attached slides and notes)

  • Estimate backlog with planning poker (if applicable or required... I often don't!)

  • Sprint

    • 3 Minutes for team planning

    • 7 Minutes construction

    • 5 Minute sprint review

    • 3 Minute sprint retrospective

    • And repeat!

During play with is stressed, energetic and noisy! You'll tend to notice lots of team dysfunctions!! These are worth pointing out to the team during the retro's as there probably the dysfunctions that manifest outside of the simulation!

I've also used the game to simulate SAFe and LeSS frameworks... Although it requires more time to play the game (especially the SAFe version) and a lot more Lego!!! 

Have fun :-)